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Find Me

by Rebecca Brickley

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This song was written as a submission for the songwriting competition called "Spintunes". The challenge was to write a song about your hometown - in my case, growing up in Brookings, OR.

(Previously, this song was titled, "Here".)


I’ve been living backwards
I’ve been retracing my steps
Trying to find the right words
To unlock these moments I’ve kept

I’ve been playin hookie
From the future that is knockin at my door
I keep coming back here
I don’t know what I come back here for

Because the streets are dark, the shops are closed
There’s not a soul here that I know
This place was once my home
Guess I hoped I’d find you here

Take me back to the beginning
Back to the years we rocked this town
Before the world was spinning
Before the walls came crashing down

We were young and we were clueless
Always chasin' something new
Making music to get through it
Makin love ‘cause there was nothing else to do

And we dreamed of breaking out
Living free and singing out loud
What I’d give to go back now
What’d I’d give to find you
Just to find you
To find you


And I remember what you told me
On that cold December night
From the hills above Brookings
We looked down on the city lights

And you said we were forever
That this was just the start
As long as we’re together
Then we’ll never grow apart

But time has carried on
And you’ve been proven wrong
It’s time I’m movin on
Guess I'll hope you'll find
I hope you'll find
You know that you can always find
Me here


released October 10, 2010


tags: folk Newberg


all rights reserved


Rebecca Brickley Newberg, Oregon

Rebecca is a singer/songwriter from Newberg, OR.

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